subdividing land

Subdividing Land: Tips for Landowners from a Developer

lotnetwork Learn to evaluate the risks and rewards of subdividing land into residential lots. In this first of three articles on the subject, a developer and real estate lawyer provides landowners specific items to evaluate when considering whether or not to subdivide land. Come back for the next articles in this series that provide insights … Continued

estimating land values

Estimating Land Values

henrygeorge Land, in an economic sense, is defined as the entire material universe outside of people themselves and the products of people. It includes all natural resources, materials, airwaves, as well as the ground. All air, soil, minerals and water is included in the definition of land. Everything that is freely supplied by nature, and … Continued

sell your property

7 Ways to sell your property without a Realtor

jackbosch When selling a property you own and particularly a vacant piece of land most people only come up with 2 ways, either selling it through a Realtor or selling it as a FSBO, but in either case mostly they are only interested in selling the property for cash, with no financing involved on their … Continued

buying raw land

Keys to Buying Raw Land

timberhomeliving If you’re planning to build a new home, selecting your site is as vital to the completed project as the design of the structure. For most of us, the appeal of a timber home comes not only from the building itself, but also from the surrounding environment and how the home is situated on … Continued

sell your land online

Understanding how to Sell Land Online

Knowing how to sell land online is crucial.  In the this era of the internet you must educate yourself on the how to market your property the correct way.  Below is an article that will guide you through the process of what and how to do this. Biggerpockets About 15 years ago the best way … Continued

land banking

Land Banking

smartgrowthamerica Vacant and abandoned properties are a challenging problem for any community. By viewing these properties as potential assets, rather than barriers to revitalization, smart growth advocates are finding new ways to reinvest in once-neglected neighborhoods. One notable strategy being used nationwide to contest property abandonment is land banking. Land banks are public authorities created … Continued

unclaimed land in the United States

How to Find Unclaimed Land in the United States

ehow Generally, the process of finding unclaimed land in the US and acquiring it for free is called “homesteading.” Homesteading laws were introduced to transfer vacant land owned in the public domain to private ownership, but these laws were repealed in 1976. Today, any such land has to be classed as “unneeded” by the government … Continued

invest in farmland

Invest in Farmland the legal way and profit from it

economictimes.indiatimes With real estate prices hovering around historical highs in most urban areas, traditional property investors are looking at other viable options. One idea floating around these days is buying agricultural land, which experts say, may not weigh too heavy on your pocket. It could also be a source of tax-free income, they say. However, … Continued

solar power

Sun Land: The New Push for Solar Power in the U.S.

Newyorker In late 2010, Barack Obama’s Administration approved the first projects to develop solar-energy plants on public lands. By this summer, it had green-lit twenty-nine such projects, capable of generating enough electricity, at full operation, to power more than a million homes. This isn’t to say that all that electricity is actually being generated. Of … Continued

valuation of raw land

Valuation of Raw Land

ccim The valuation of raw land presents unique challenges. The analyst is working with a blank canvas of sorts, forced to analyze a variety of factors and make rational assumptions about a site’s best potential use. At a minimum, a broker should be able to perform a base level of analysis for a client and … Continued