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“But I’m not sure the property’s in good condition…”

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                                                          Is your property causing you financial strain? Are you delinquent on your property taxes?  Are you going through the divorce?

Have you downsized, but are having difficulty selling your former place?

The reasons for wanting to sell you land may differ, but our answer never changes—“We can help!”

Let us turn your land from a needless expense to a source of income!

Do You Need To Sell Your Land Fast in Los Angeles CA?


Selling a Home vs. Selling Vacant Land

You may be surprised to hear that the market for vacant land and the traditional housing market are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

Generally speaking, the traditional housing market has a large amount of buyers making it relatively easy to sell your house. However, when trying to sell vacant or undeveloped land, you may find that the pool of potential buyers is much smaller than for the traditional housing market. This makes it naturally more difficult to sell because the amount of interested buyers is smaller.

Market Value Risk

As a land seller, that could mean you may have to wait a considerable amount of time before you receive a fair price offer. During this time, the property can grow stagnant or its condition may worsen, reducing the value of your property. Even if you spend time and money maintaining the property, the overall real estate market may slide due to external forced outside of your control.

Tax and Maintenance Costs

Even if the market value for your vacant land stays steady as you wait for a good offer, there are other expenses that you will continue incur. For example, as the owner, you will likely have to continue paying real property tax on the property. In addition to taxes, there are other costs such as insurance and general maintenance costs. By choosing to wait to sell your land, you are certain to continue paying these expenses for an uncertain period of time. This can be a very scary position for financially constrained sellers

What if I Use an Agent to Assist With the Sale?

Even if you go through the trouble of hiring an agent to help you sell, there are many drawbacks:

  • It takes a lot of time and effort to find a talented real estate agent that you can trust;
  • More complexity because now there are more interested parties included in the transaction;
  • The buyer and seller are discouraged from communicating directly;
  • Perhaps most importantly, the agents are paid from the sale proceeds, meaning less is left over for the actual seller of the land.
  • The transaction involves more mind-numbing legal and administrative paperwork.

When you work with We Buy Land, all of these pain points melt away. Instead, if you work with us, you can expect the following:

  • Simplicity – We can get you the land in 4 simple steps;
  • Cash – We make cash offers of 100% cold hard cash;
  • Speed – We can make you a risk-free offer within 7 HOURS;
  • No Hidden Fees– We provide a straightforward cash offer with no hidden commissions or fees;
  • Professionalism – We understand this may be a big decision for you and we will treat the situation with the respect it deserves.

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There are a ton of great reasons why a property owner may want to sell their land. For some, the decision to sell arises from a significant life event such as divorce or the death of a family member resulting in the inheritance of property. For others, the decision to sell may be a long time in the making. Whatever the reason for wanting to sell, our answer is always the same—“Yes!”

Let’s face it, owning real estate is not a stress-free endeavor. It can be a great drain on financial resources as a result of property tax costs, maintenance costs, and insurance costs. In addition to creating financial strain, owning real property can be a huge time commitment preventing you from doing the things you love. In light of all of these costs, it may make sense to consider making your land work for you!

If you need to sell your land fast in Los Angeles CA CA You just found out that your 10-year old daughter has serious medical condition. Fortunately, there is a treatment, but it will costs thousands of dollars over the next few years until she is cured. To make things worse, the health insurance won’t cover this type of treatment, so you have a serious dilemma. You realize that you own a piece of vacant land in [enter city, enter state]. Given your new immediate need for cash and the fact that the land has only caused you stress since you’ve owned it, you decide to sell it immediately and use the proceeds to pay for your daughter’s medical bills. You put the property up for sale immediately. After waiting a few weeks, an interested buyer and wants to make a nice offer—things are starting to look better.

There’s just one problem… the buyer doesn’t have the cash to pay you.

The buyer tells you that there are contacting their lender and will let you know when they are approved. You wait and wait all while continuing to pay the expenses associated with the land. Worse than that, you may be discouraged from seeking out any other buyers because you are confident you are about to sell.

That’s when you get the bad news… the buyer was NOT APPROVED and will not be able to purchase your land. That hurts. You just wasted money and time on a buyer that couldn’t afford to buy. And now you are forced to go through the painful process all over again…

Now imagine that you had reached out to We Buy Land, who was able to make a 100% full cash offer within 7 hours of your request. In this case, We Buy Land would have simply given you the cash proceeds for the land and the sale would’ve be complete. In this case, you have received the money quickly and effortlessly. There was no need for a bank or all of the complexity that comes with it.

That is the power of a full cash offer—it provides the seller with confidence that the buyer can purchase the property quickly and painlessly without the complexity of involving a bank.

When We Buy Land makes an offer, we always utilize the power of a 100% cash offer.


A Counter to COVID-19

The devastating effects of COVID-19 have sent shockwaves throughout the world, possibly changing how we do things forever. For some, the crippling economic effects of the pandemic have been more damaging than the health-related consequences. With over 20 million jobs lost as a result of the virus, people are dipping into their savings to keep themselves afloat. Unfortunately, for most this is only a temporary solution for a problem with no clear end in sight.

If you are suffering financially from the consequences of COVID-19, land ownership may have gone from a nuisance to no longer sustainable. We understand that the last thing you want to be concerned with are property taxes and related expenses when you are in the midst of trying to put food on the table for your family.

We can help! By selling your land for cash you are creating a double benefit by increasing your cash and decreasing your expenses. If you are interested in just how much cash you can get for your land, fill out the simple 4 question form and we will get back to you the SAME DAY with a fair-priced full cash offer. If you decide not to sell, not to worry! There are no obligations and nothing to lose.

we buy land fast

When Life Throws a Curve Ball, We’ve Got You Covered

Life is not always predictable. Whether it’s the end of a marriage, the death of a loved one, or a serious medical condition, there are certain events which fundamentally change our lives. In addition to the obvious emotional effects, these events can have significant financial consequences. For some, the death of a loved one can result in an inheritance of assets that were unprepared to receive. For others, an accident or serious medical condition leave us with medical expenses that we never anticipated on having to pay. To make matters worse, sometimes the expenses associated with these unforeseen events become due immediately, creating additional stress.

It is extremely rewarding when we’re able to provide relief to those who are struggling by quickly effectuating a land sale and providing them with the cash that they so desperately need. By purchasing their land, it is like we are removing a weight from their shoulders. All of the sudden, things may seem a little easier as they now have liquid funds available for their disposal. No more worrying about property taxes or property values– they can spend their time where it matters.

If you own land and have found yourself in a situation where you need cash quickly, please reach out. We will provide you with a full cash offer for your land often times within the same day!

If You Are Hesitant, Please Read This

We get it! The decision to sell land is never without doubt. For some, it can be really difficult. Although, we are confident we can provide you with a fair cash offer for your land, we understand that there may be several factors involved. Please know, although some may try to pressure you into a sale, this is not how we operate. We want you to feel good about the transaction and what is means for your future. That is why we provide a 100% risk-free opportunity for you to receive a full cash offer for your land before committing to anything. You have absolutely no obligation to continue with the sale.

Fill out the easy 4-question Form and receive your full cash offer within hours 100% risk-free!

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