The Factors We Consider When We Buy Land

As a land seller, you’re probably wondering if the land you’re going to sell can be a profitable rate of return? Over the past few years, real estate has gotten a good track record and for the last quarter of the century, land values have outdistanced the inflationary spiral in the real economic growth and have prevented the pitfalls of getting bankrupt.

For sellers, they ought to know that timing is very important when it comes to selling a property. Wherein, a historical chart of real estate values would appear like a set of stairs with values increasing for a number of years then leveling off for a while, but will continue to climb after. However, truth be told, it’s impossible to determine how much real estate values would increase the following year or in which country.

Questions We Ask Before We Buy Land from anyone

1. Is Your Property Surveyed?
We often ask for a surveyed parcel because this serves as a guarantee that the acreage is what it was described to be. Likewise, boundary lines shown on a survey map must be flagged on the property being sold.

2. Is the Title to the Property Clear?
Although we buy all lands, we prefer the ones with clear titles, because it serves as a guarantee that the land is worry-free and could be saleable in the near future.

Land & Farm - Buyer's tip #1 "How to Buy Land"

3. Is Financing Available?
Truth be told, financing on unimproved land would never be easy, and it’s unlikely to obtain on a property that’s out of state. Once we agree to finance your land, we’ll appraise the property before offering to finance.

4. The Deed Restrictions
It’s important to familiarize yourself with the permitted and not permitted uses on any given lad in order to determine if you can really sell it to us or not.

5. The Services Available in the Area
The answer to this question can help us determine if your property can be a good form of investment or not. Oftentimes, when we buy rural land we have to look for an owner who will be willing to swap city conveniences for a rural lifestyle.

6. Size
The size of the lot you’re planning to sell can be one of the factors to determine if we’re going to buy your land or not– When we buy land, we have to make sure that it would be a good purchase for us. The reason for this is quite simple, although a number of homes have already been built on an acre of land or less, a bigger establishment would definitely need a bigger land.

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7. Quality
We determine the quality with the standards of a suitable land– both dry and waterfront properties. Not only is the surface important, we also pay attention to the subsurface as well.

These are just some of the factors that we consider when buying land. If you feel that the land you’re selling fits perfectly within our criteria and you need some cash in return, feel free to leave your information and we’d be more than glad to help you sell your land and make a profit out of it.

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