vacant land

Raw Land Financing

streetdirectory Raw land as opposed to improved property is much more difficult to finance through traditional lenders. The main reasons are that it generates very little income, development costs can be expensive, there are no buildings or improvements that can be used as collateral, and it is often considered speculative. For those reasons mentioned we … Continued

raw land into a lot

How Raw Land Becomes a Lot

wsj To turn a piece of raw land, such as a farmer’s field, into a development requires a number of steps. First, the land must be surveyed and found suitable for building. The property must not be part of a wetland that must be preserved for environmental reasons nor flood regularly. It also must have … Continued

5 Benefits of investing in Vacant Land

Vacant land usually appears as a worthless investment to many especially those deeply involved in real estate. What many people do not understand is that vacant land can be even more profitable than real estate. As long as you are aware of the zoning requirements of the land you are purchasing, then vacant land can … Continued

buying raw land

Is Gambling On Raw Land Really Worth The Risk?

Buying raw land is one of the riskiest ventures that any real estate investor can make. There are some great profits to be made from purchases that work out, especially if you can predict the direction of growth and expansion, but there is always the chance that the land will sit there for years before … Continued

How to sell your land


The real estate industry is one of the most elaborate sectors of every economy. This explains why it is important to make all decisions regarding real estate with care. Professional advice is required in most cases. Here are a few tips and tricks of selling your raw land that will ensure that you get the … Continued