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7 Ways to sell your property without a Realtor


When selling a property you own and particularly a vacant piece of land most people only come up with 2 ways, either selling it through a Realtor or selling it as a FSBO, but in either case mostly they are only interested in selling the property for cash, with no financing involved on their side.

However there are dozens of additional ways that someone can sell their property without an expensive realtor fast and for good prices.

  1. Selling through eBay

Selling through eBay is a feasible way to sell your property. After all it is the largest market of buyers and sellers in the entire world.

2.  Selling through your own web page.

Nowadays, setting up your own webpage is inexpensive and fast. All you need to do is hire a geek from some high school and they can get it done for you for as little as a couple of hundred dollars. Then place your properties there and if you have some good content which attracts the search engines you should be able to sell your property with minimal cost.


How To Sell Your Property Without A Real Estate Agent

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