Sell My Land? What To Do When The Government Wants Your Land

Do you have a piece of land that the Government wants?  Is the power of eminent domain looming over your investment?  Have you asked yourself the question: How do i  sell my land fast so that they don’t try to squeeze potential profits out of my investment?  Hold on for a minute……..This article will explain to you the process and how to set a reasonable asking price for your property.


Have you ever wondered what would happen if the government had big plans for road expansion, airport development or another project and your house was in the way? It’s not a situation that many families have to deal with, but select individuals will encounter the process of a government negotiation for land. When they do, they need to be prepared. Even if you have visions of refusing the sale or chaining yourself to the property to stop the bulldozers, if the government wants your land there is no saying no.

While the power of eminent domain entitles the government to take the property that it needs, as long as it’s for the good of the public, the constitution allows you to request reasonable payment for the land, which means you should save your energy for fighting for what you see as reasonable.

Reviewing the Government-Sponsored Appraisal
When the government decides it needs your land for its projects, you will be notified of the intent by mail. The government may even send an agent out to talk to you. Before any kind of offer is made, the governing body will arrange for an appraiser to visit your land and fill out a form


How do I sell my land as a Seller? Know how to sell vacant land fast!

Sell My Land in Allegan Michigan

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