How Far Behind in Property taxes before Foreclosure Happens?

The question of: How far behind in Property taxes before foreclosure happens has been asked by land and homeowners who have unpaid taxes that need to be brought current.  The article below will assist anyone who has a question of how to deal with delinquent tax issues.


Property taxes are due for property owners every year. Over time, the tax bill itself may change as the assessed value of your property changes, and levies for schools, roads and other public works rise and fall. Neglecting property tax payments can lead to the loss of your home or land through a forced sale, although the process is slightly different than for foreclosure due to a mortgage default.

Property Taxes and Tax Liens

By law, a county or city taxing authority has the authority to claim a lien on real estate for which property taxes are due. If the tax goes unpaid, the agency also may have the ability to sell or auction its tax lien to a third party, which thereby gains the right to collect the overdue tax plus interest at a rate set either by state law or by the rate that was bid at the auction. If the property owner does not pay the tax due within a limited redemption period, the lien holder then can foreclose on the property and take ownership.

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How Far Behind in Property taxes before Foreclosure becomes a reality?


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