Ten Ways Those Who Want to Give Your Land Away are Misleading You


It is hard to imagine that anyone would believe the fallacies peddled by the American Lands Council trying to convince politicians to give away our public lands, but eleven Western state legislatures spent time in the 2015 session entertaining these misguided ideas. These fallacies try to justify robbing the federal treasury and your national heritage by giving away our national lands to the states to be sold off. Now Representative Rob Bishop of Utah is creating a national study group to explore this widely unpopular idea. Below are the American Land Council’s ten most frequently cited fallacies and the real facts you should know.

Fallacy 1: Westerners think there is too much national land, it is holding back economic growth, and the states could do a better job of managing it.

Fact: The Western economy has outperformed the rest of the U.S. in terms of growth in employment, population, and personal income during the last four decades in part due to the popularity of national lands. As far as there being too much public lands, a new study shows that on a per resident basis, Western states have more land under private, state and local ownership than many Eastern states. In a recent poll of Westerners, the majority of people across most of the political and ideological spectrum oppose the idea of transferring national lands to the states. The states of Utah, Idaho and Nevada




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