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We Buy Land Fast: Here’s What We Offer To Our Seller

Most of the time, the land you own is an asset you plan to hold on to. However, there are times when selling it becomes the better option. The traditional process of selling land is a tedious one. It involves hiring real estate agents, spending on fixing up your land, waiting on inspections, receiving offers, … Continued

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Vacant, Abandoned Houses affecting Neighborhood values

  Abandoned houses have become common sights all over the United States in the wake of large numbers of foreclosures prompted by the Great Recession. In some cities, the phenomenon has become an epidemic.  Many Owners of these Abandoned houses live out of state, some have passed away, while others properties may be going through … Continued

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What is the Zoning For Your Property? Do You Have Land To Sale?

Zoning is the term used for designating permitted uses of certain parcels of land by local governments. The word is largely self-explanatory: the local government will designate various zones for different uses of land, such as industrial, agricultural, commercial, and residential.  Should you have a land to sale it is important that you know the … Continued

When Selling A House What Are The Costs

When Selling A House What Are The Costs?

  While selling a house can be an exciting time, it can also be overwhelming, particularly if you are a first-time seller. Here is where we try to help you by providing you with some information that can prove beneficial to you as a seller. When we tried to find out what it is that … Continued

How Far Behind in Property taxes before Foreclosure

How Far Behind in Property taxes before Foreclosure Happens?

The question of: How far behind in Property taxes before foreclosure happens has been asked by land and homeowners who have unpaid taxes that need to be brought current.  The article below will assist anyone who has a question of how to deal with delinquent tax issues. sapling Property taxes are due for property owners … Continued

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How to Sell Land Fast in any Market!

Have you ever wondered how to sell land fast? I would first identify its category before applying the expert selling tactics provided by a real estate professional. If I were to cut unnecessary expenses, I would instead depend on a reliable internet source and identify techniques that would help me sell my land with utmost … Continued

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Sell My Land? What To Do When The Government Wants Your Land

Do you have a piece of land that the Government wants?  Is the power of eminent domain looming over your investment?  Have you asked yourself the question: How do i  sell my land fast so that they don’t try to squeeze potential profits out of my investment?  Hold on for a minute……..This article will explain … Continued

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The Pros and Cons of Buying and Selling Raw Land

There are always pros and cons to everything.  Land investing is no different. Investing in land may seem to be easy. People make money every day buying and selling raw land but those successful land investors do their homework and probably learned some important investing lessons the hard way. There are some important pros and … Continued

best land in america

The Best Land in America

bloomberg The pace of U.S. home construction hasn’t picked up much from a year ago. One reason, says Capital Economics property economist Matthew Pointon, is a shortage of land—not that enough land isn’t available, but rather that builders are having a tough time finding prime land at prices they’re willing to pay. Residential starts increased … Continued