Keys to Buying Raw Land


If you’re planning to build a new home, selecting your site is as vital to the completed project as the design of the structure. For most of us, the appeal of a timber home comes not only from the building itself, but also from the surrounding environment and how the home is situated on the plot. A satisfying design always considers the aesthetics of the land and integrates with the environment in an organic way.

If you’re considering building in a development or on a parcel already subdivided for new homes, you’ll have fewer worries than if you’re buying raw land. You’ll know that the plot has road and utility access and is attached to a public sewer system (or is suitable for a sewer septic system).

But the problem with a development is that you rarely have a green light in terms of what and how to build. You can expect to have to comply with restrictive covenants that will dictate many of your aesthetic choices, and there likely will be an architectural review committee in place that will limit your vision. Moreover, you’ll simply have less control in choosing your natural environment.

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Lessons With Buying Raw Land Off The Internet 

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